Check Out Our Zoom! Tooth Whitening Special We Make Dazzling Smiles Easy for Mill Creek

Are your teeth dull and stained? When you smile, do your yellowish teeth make you look much older than you need to? Have you been hiding your smile, wishing for a way to set it free? You just found one of the world’s best whitening solutions, right here in Mill Creek and at a fantastic discount! Visit my web page and you’ll see that right now we are offering a $75 savings on all on ZOOM! whitening procedures. Why am I doing this? I love to make my patients happy and want to see them feel confident and ready to share a smile. Zoom! tooth whitening lets my patients come in for one, short visit and leave with teeth that are up to ten shades whiter. Just imagine – schedule a visit over your lunch break and go back to work looking younger and feeling refreshed. Just come in and snuggle under a blanket while we pamper you. It is a great way to improve your appearance without any invasive plastic surgery or injections, and it can make you feel confident for special events such as weddings, reunions or even as a little pick-me-up. For more information about Zoom! Tooth whitening, call me, Dr. Brian Rutherford, at 425.481.4947 or visit my website, http://www.millcreek-dentist.com/.

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