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A Chipped Tooth? No Problem in Mill Creek!

added on: February 11, 2013

Have you ever chipped or broken a tooth? If it’s a front tooth, you feel like you can’t go out. If you’ve broken a back tooth, it makes it difficult to eat and chew.

You may put off calling the dentist, but don’t! Many chips, cracks, and breaks can be easily repaired in one visit with Dr. Brian Rutherford using dental bonding in MIll Creek.

Bonding involves a resin paste that’s custom-matched to your tooth color, applied to your prepared tooth, and carefully shaped and sculpted to match your teeth. It’s hardened with a special light, after which Dr. Brian Rutherford trims and adjusts it to blend with your other teeth, and ensure it can be cleaned and flossed normally. A bit of polishing, and in 30 to 60 minutes, you won’t be able to tell where your tooth ends and the bonding begins!

Dental bonding can help restore or reshape your teeth in a variety of ways. The same composite material used for tooth bonding is also used for tooth-colored fillings, to lengthen crowns, close spaces between teeth, and improve the color of deeply stained teeth.

Explore what dental bonding can do for you. Call the Mill creek dental office of Dr. Brian Rutherford at 425.298.3925. He has the advanced training and artistic skill to help your smile be the best it can be!


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