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Root Canal Basics in Mill Creek

added on: May 30, 2013


Most people know something about root canal treatments. Mostly, they know they want to avoid them, but don’t really know why! While root canals are the subject of a lot of jokes and “tall tales,” you may be surprised at some of the facts about them. Here’s some information about root canal therapy at Dr. Brian Rutherford’s dental office in Mill Creek.

Why would I need root canal treatment?

Inside your tooth is the pulp, the area inside the tooth with root canals that contain blood vessels and nerve tissue that sustain your tooth. If the nerves become infected, your tooth will need treatment, even if you don’t have any symptoms or discomfort.

How is root canal therapy performed?

We first treat any infection and clean the tooth by removing and cleaning out bacteria and debris that cause infection.

Once the tooth is cleaned, we replace the pulp by filling in the empty root canals with a sealant. In most cases after root canal treatment, the tooth will be weakened and need to be reinforced. The best option is usually to place a porcelain crown on the tooth to protect and strengthen it.

If you’re experiencing tooth discomfort, or recurring pain and inflammation, please contact our dental office in Mill Creek at 425.298.3925 to see us as soon as possible. A general exam and x-rays might show us a problem before it becomes painful. So remember to keep up with regular checkups too!


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