What About Wisdom Teeth in Mill Creek?

Wisdom Tooth

If you’re older than 17, your wisdom teeth may have started coming in. Just what are they and why do they usually need to be extracted?

Often there just isn’t room for wisdom teeth. If they come in, they crowd and push other teeth out of position. If they don’t come in, or come in improperly, this is called a partial or complete impaction and removing these teeth may be the wisest move!

With regular checkups and preventive care, we can tell how your wisdom teeth are positioned, even before they come in. We’ll also let you know what to expect when they start coming in (late teens to early 20s) or if you already have your wisdom teeth.

If you’re having pain or problems with your wisdom teeth, call our Mill Creek dental office at 425.298.3925 so that Dr. Brian Rutherford can evaluate your situation. If it’s time for a checkup, then call us today! Prevention is always a smart move!

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