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Mill Creek Tooth Colored Filling

Why Settle for Less?

If you’ve ever had a cavity filled with metal amalgam, you know how it can detract from your smile. Who wants a grey tooth? More importantly, metal fillings can actually move within your tooth, causing it to fracture.

You won’t find metal fillings at Mill Creek Family Dentistry.

Even when it comes to something as simple and basic as filling a tooth, Mill Creek Dentist Dr. Brian Rutherford insists on exceptional quality, integrity and beauty; that is why he only restores decayed teeth with metal-free, tooth colored fillings.

Made of composite resin, tooth colored fillings restore teeth to natural beauty. They look just like your original teeth, so there’s no ugly silver metal to detract from your smile. With this safe, strong alternative to amalgam, Dr. Rutherford can return your teeth to strength, health and a natural appearance.

If you have metal fillings, talk with Dr. Rutherford about the health and beauty benefits of replacing them with tooth colored composite fillings.

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